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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved Antione Beckum-Morgan who was born in Sioux City, Iowa on May 5, 1995 to Lawyer and Carla Morgan.  Antione was in his freshmen year of high school, attending Lee's Summit West.  During his short time there Antione participated in a number of activities, such as wrestling, and ROTC, which he took great pride in.  Antione enjoyed all sports, spending time with his family and friends, and more importantly, he enjoyed spending time growing closer to God.  He loved all types of music, but some of his favorite songs and artists were, Fireflies, "Boys in the Hood" by Eazy-E, and Empire State of Mind.  Antione was an active soldier for the Lord, he led the Teen Devotional at his home, and accomplished what many people go their whole life searching for, an intimate relationship with God.  Antione went on to glory December 31, 2009 at the age of 14, and he will be forever missed.  Antione Devon Beckum-Morgan I know that you have reached the "perfect peace" we all strive to reach.
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Tributes and Condolences
Thank You   / Kellie Brassfield (Mother of one of Antion's Friends )
Dear Lawyer and Carla I never met Antione but my son Mason Hernandez knew him well.  They met in Middle School and in 8th grade had almost every hour together.  At LSW they were in ROTC.  Mason often spoke of Antione mostly funny stor...  Continue >>
I had the privilege to know him   / Susanne James (former teacher )
I had the privilege of being both Antione and Lawyer's teacher at Pleasant Lea.  Both Mrs. Jarrett and I were devastated to learn that such a sweet boy would not be able to attain the potential we saw in him.  Antione always made us laugh w...  Continue >>
For Antione   / Robin Robinson (Pal from the Lawrence Church )
Antione looked at me with dismay whenever I mispronounced his name (which was always and intentional).  Yet he had one of those faces which in his reaction  made me feel good inside.  I believe him to be where I hope to be one day...  Continue >>
Ominous  / Ominous Ominous (Friend)
Antione was a great guy. I knew him a couple of years ago in elementary school he was two years older than me.  He was never mean rude or intimidating like the other guys his age.  He was funny and I loved his smile.  I sord of lost co...  Continue >>
I miss you little buddy   / Kevin Anderson (Friend/Mentor/Teache-r)
Antione More than anything made me wish I had a boy of my own. He loved life his family and his friends.  I remember the quiet intelligent little boy that first came to my Sunday school class when he was 4 years old.  He didn't stay that ...  Continue >>
My heartfelt condolences  / Susan Paccione (mom's co-worker )    Read >>
Our Deepest Sympathy  / Jonathan Beckum (Grandfather)    Read >>
A joyful young man of God!!  / Mary &. Greg Pregon (Friends from church )    Read >>
From Long Beach, CA  / Steve &. Shonda Stevenson (Apart of the Lawrence Church )    Read >>
My Best friend and my boy  / Caleb Campbell (Best Friend )    Read >>
Sweet Antione  / Michelle Leeker (former teacher )    Read >>
Our hearts go out to you...  / Brad And Marilyn Simpson     Read >>
Dear Antione  / LuAnn Wilcox (School Nurse at Kennedy Elementary )    Read >>
i miss him  / Drew Shahandeh (Friend)    Read >>
I will miss you  / Saleese Dixson (Family Friend )    Read >>
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